Lavabelles Vacation Rentals in Bend Oregon

Unique, historic homes for rent in Bend Oregon’s most desirable neighborhoods.
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Lava Flo (3BR/2BA)

530 NW Lava

Cecil (1BR/1BA)

19 NW Kansas

Hazel (2BR/1.5BA)

23 NW Louisiana

Fern (2BR/1BA)

358 NW Riverside Boulevard

The Church (3BR/3BA)

524 NW Lava

The Rose (3BR/2.5BA)

516 NW Lava

Harriet (2BR/2BA)

238 NW Bond St


524 NW Lava. Unit 2


30 Day+ Rental

Lucinder (2BR/1BA)

354 NW Georgia


354 1/2 NW Georgia

Broadway Bungalows