1 Lavabelles Website – Admin “Help” Notes


Changing Room Information/Rates 

From Dashboard, select Rooms and below the main box (where you typically see copy in WordPress), go instead to the different “metaboxes” that are essentially sections of the page.
Look for the boxes marked HTML – edit your text, for that section, from within these boxes.

For the first Description/photo gallery at top of room page – this is the first HTML box (just below the header box).

For the room rates, amenties, etc. further down on page and within the tabs – this is box labeled HTML 3 (in most cases).

How to add photos to sliders in rental pages
look at the HTML 10 meta box in page, edit the html.  lookup the photo’s post ID number


How to add a new rental

From Rooms dashboard/list Duplicate one room into a new one. Edit the new one as needed.  Sync API for Google calendar


How to change video on home page